Continuous exterior insulation High efficiency envelope details
Unvented vaulted ceiling Foundation exterior insulation


Energy conserving design

We design our buildings to be as efficient as possible within our clients’ construction budgets. Insulation is typically cheap relative to the fuel used to condition a building, so we use as much of it as possible. We encourage the use of windows with good thermal resistance. We incorporate other energy-conserving features which may not cost any more than a less efficient design. These can include overhangs which reduce summer over-heating, or window arrangements which allow natural light to penetrate deep within the building, reducing the need for electric light. We are lighting design buffs, and whenever possible we design lighting which works with contrast ratios to make a space seem brighter than it really is. Often these techniques can be incorporated in buildings at no additional construction cost. Sometimes they add a bit to the initial cost, but increase the appeal and lower the operating costs for the building.