Green Condo Plaza Second Floor Addition
Green Condo Street View
Commercial Building
Living Room & Kitchen Remodel
Green Condo Entry
Residence Addition Green Courtyard Condo

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Your first question may be “Why don’t I just design it myself using Chief Architect or other 3-D CAD software?” 3-D CAD is a powerful tool in capable hands, just as Microsoft Word will allow a skilled author to write a book faster and better than they could on a typewriter, but it won’t turn a bad writer into a good one. If you have good creative skills, are good at working through problems, and are something of a “jack of all trades”, as an architect is, you may be able to do it, although it will likely take you much longer and involve much more frustration than you ever imagined.

The 2009 International Residential Code has over 800 pages of content. Most of it isn’t applicable to any given project, but a lot of it is. Then there is the Washington State Building Code amending the International Residential Code and incorporating the Washington State Ventilation and Indoor Air Quality Code. Then there is the Washington State Energy Code. Then there is the local zoning code. Some sites may have environmental issues like steep slopes, wetlands, adjacent bodies of water, or other considerations. The best CAD software in the world doesn’t address these items for you. It also doesn’t do your structural calculations for you. Most building departments have their quirks about how to apply for a building permit. Few will allow you to walk in the door with copies of drawings and calculations and apply for a building permit without first going through some preliminary steps. Blue Brook Architecture is used to dealing with these aspects of construction and bringing our attention to detail to your project, we can navigate the obstacle course of modern construction efficiently, so you can be under construction sooner with fewer problems in the permitting process and through construction.

Blue Brook Architecture uses the most advanced computer aided design tools available, allowing us to bring a level of service normally available only from large firms working on multi-million dollar projects to projects as small as a commercial tenant improvement or residence addition. We use ArchiCAD BIM (Building Information Modeling) three dimensional computer aided design, with its Virtual Building Technology, to create a 3D computer model of our design. Our system is highly customizable, allowing us to correctly represent the wall, floor, and roof assemblies unique to a project, including existing construction, so we can produce accurate documentation. Our BIM system allows our door and window schedules to always stay synchronized with what we are showing on our plans, elevations and sections, and to ensure detail references on the small scale drawings always refer to the correct detail drawings. With the three dimensional model we are able to create multiple perspective views to allow our clients to have a thorough understanding of our design proposals before spending tens of thousands to millions of dollars to see them realized in concrete and wood.

We can create photo realistic images to assist in obtaining faster approvals from local jurisdiction planning departments, or to help in obtaining financing for, or marketing a property before construction. The virtual building also allows us to quickly make study drawings to find potential problems early in design, avoiding costly problems later in the field.